Our Consulting Options

Crafted to Your Needs.

After we’ve run diagnostics for your organization with the Kolbe Indexes™, our consultants can meet with you in several different capacities:


We work with teams to improve communication, productivity and efficiency. We will ensure your team understands their particular dynamic in order to maximize results, address barriers and pitfalls, and minimize stress.


We work with individuals in personal coaching and career coaching to improve performance, reduce stress, develop a personal brand, and improve communication with others.

Hiring the right fit

We work with you to pursue the ideal fit for an open position as well as to redesign positions around the natural strengths of your people. By employing Kolbe RightFit™, we offer guidance to make matching the right person to the right job easier and less expensive.

Over the last 25 years, PSG’s training and consulting has helped thousands of employees excel in their workplace.

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