The Kolbe System™

Find the Freedom to Be Who You Are.

The Kolbe System™ is comprised of personal assessment tools that help people to work together synergistically for the good of the entire organization. Since 1990 PSG has provided feedback and training sessions focused on the Kolbe results of employees.

How does Kolbe help an organization? Kolbe helps us discover our natural, unchangeable, creative instincts that determine how each of us use our time and energy and how we each approach problems. When these instincts are allowed to thrive in the workplace, and when teams are built with the right chemistry around these instincts, individuals will work together in remarkable ways. This process helps managers understand why people accomplish the same tasks differently. It helps to maximize the talents of the team members and provides for higher levels of enthusiasm and personal job satisfaction.

By combining the Kolbe A™, Kolbe B™, and Kolbe C™ Indexes, our consultants help you maximize the talents of your team members and achieve higher levels of enthusiasm and personal job satisfaction in your office.

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“You have had an amazing impact on your entire community, Mari.  I’m proud that you’ve used the Kolbe Wisdom™ as a part of that process.  I also fully realize that it is when a Kolbe Certified™ Consultant uses my work well that it offers the greatest benefits.  As one of the few people in the world who has earned the title of Master Kolbe Consultant, you prove the difference one person can make in the purposefulness and prosperity of many.”

Kathy Kolbe

Founder of KOLBE CORP

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