What a Eureka moment. I realized I’m not indecisive or constantly moving on, but it’s that I thrive on variety and am bored with routine. So freeing….no more guilt! I love learning new things and you explained everything in such a fun and informative way. Thank you for opening my eyes.

Kathy Van Faasen

I have found that reflecting on the work we did this summer (2014) to be very stabilizing when tempted to measure myself outside my core innate wiring. Thank you very much. What a wise investment it was to further explore my operating DNA.

Tim Laird, Materials Supervisor Metals & Mechanisms

Johnson Controls Automotive Interiors, Holland MI

You helped me change my life. In a short amount of time, I learned strength, faith in myself, and the confidence to trust and listen to God.
I learned more about the importance of being stellar, showing true strength, and being thankful in times of trouble.
These notes hang above my kitchen sink: Be Stellar—Be Focused—Be Forgiving—Be Kind—Be Grace and Be Grateful—Be Amazing—Be a Gift—Be Clear and Confident in your Words.

I thank God for bringing you and that experience with you, into my life.

Rebecca Stephens

Aromatherapist, drop by drop apothecary

“As a nonprofit, finding and retaining the right people is a constant challenge.  Kolbe has given us tools to address this critical issue to our organization and assisted us in thinking strategically about the right fit for each position.  Good Samaritan Ministries has found PSG consultants highly skilled at the application and interpretation of the Kolbe information to our organization in the selection process and staff development.”

Linda Jacobs, Executive Director

Good Samaritan Ministries, Holland MI

Thank you for your time and expertise over the past year in helping the College Advancement staff to better know ourselves and each other.  Every day and each hour has been rewarding and educating in so many ways.  This last session was noted by some as “the best session ever” as it pertained to understanding the chemistry of our staff and the potential that we can unlock when we best utilize the skills, strengths, and energies of our group.

On a personal note, I have found your independent counsel and advice to be immeasurable.  Thank you for the coaching that you have offered and the thoughtfulness that you have given to me and to Hope College.

Scott Wolterink, past VP for College Advancement

Hope College. Holland MI

“What I see as your differentiator is that you don’t deliver for a ‘short term fix,’ but systemic change.  I don’t know that I see anyone else offering that product.  I think you ‘own’ identifying talents and forming teams.”

Jane Clark, President

Michigan West Coast Chamber of Commerce, Holland MI

“PSG provided me new language to understand my clients better, work with them as individuals and help them reach their goals.”

Mike DeVries, Certified Healthcare Business Consultant

VanderLugt-Mulder-DeVries-Elders, Grandville MI

Mari, it was great to have you work with our team.  We’re already reaping the rewards.

Ola Sage, President/CEO

e-Management Inc., Silver Spring MD

Our communications have dramatically improved in our office and I credit that directly to your sessions.

Dean Whittaker, President

Whittaker Associates, Holland MI

Monica, we are all very grateful for the insight that you have given to our team. You have made us better at what we do and how we do it!!

Liz Vrooman

dual lanuguage immersion secondary educational specialist, add.a.lingua, Zeeland MI

I have used the Kolbe in the hiring of leadership staff, affirming the results of our interview processes or given us direction for further evaluation of our candidates.  This is a very useful tool toward confidence in our hiring process.

Karen Helder, Retired

Bethany Christian Services, Grand Rapids MI

I think Kolbe is all about self-awareness.  It makes ‘soft skills/communication’ more real and individual to each person.  I keep on thinking about our employee with this.  As her manager, I learned about what she needs as a person to succeed.  This helped me address areas of concern differently with her so I could achieve the results I needed.  Our employee comes to mind in regard to reducing conflict and tension in the workplace.  The session with the three of us helped both of us understand the ‘negative’ sides of her/our Kolbe(s) and how we can communicate differently so as not to be offensive to others.

Kolbe helped us understand each other and our needs better, and provided a way to talk about existing tension and when it arose again.  We have a much smoother working relationship.

Shara Klynstra, Controller

Nuvar Manufacturing Co.. Holland MI

After thirty years of professional experience in the church, including having been the CEO of a $50 million international non-profit, I thought I’d pretty much figured out my strengths and weakness. Yet, because of the unique insights about motivations Kolbe provides, and specifically Mari’s deliberative listening, I grew significantly. Wow! None of us is exempt from our stewardship obligation to invest in curating our best selves. We all can boost our leadership impact at home, in ministry, at work, and as I’ve done thanks to Kolbe, in the academic setting in which I now serve.

Rev. John Arthur Nunes, PhD

Valparaiso University

The benefits of having our staff learn of each other’s instinctive strengths and abilities is multi-dimensional; the relationships are deeper, the expectations are more realistic, the willingness to provide support to one another is greater, the conflicts are fewer.  We understand and appreciate one another more and know where we need to be cautious of a group’s natural wiring becoming out of sync with the needs of the organization.  We are, in short, more effective and happier together.

Jennifer Shoup, Church Administrator

Fair Haven Ministries, Hudsonville MI

We have found that Kolbe and Mari’s coaching to be a very helpful tool in our hiring process.  The Kolbe Index helped clarify the characteristics I was seeking in the ideal person for the position and then provided a tool to compare candidates who would be the best fit for our expectations.  This process also helped me understand the person ultimately chosen for the role and how to best structure expectations and the work environment for him.  Kolbe and Mari have given us a very positive start and a much more successful staff member.

Dave Vanderwel, Retired Executive Director

Geneva Camp & Retreat Center, Holland MI

Since starting the Kolbe assessment in 1990 and working with you, we have become a Kolbe “ized” organization.  Kolbe has been instrumental in helping me “get the right people on the bus and get them in the right seats”.

Mari, your knowledge of the subject and the various tools available has been very useful and your presentation to my staff has always sharpened our skills and knowledge of each other leading to more trust and understanding of the team members.  This improves performance.

You and Kolbe have had a major positive impact to the Clean Burn/Millcreek organizations.

Dave Wolf, retired CEO

Clean Burn, Inc. & Millcreek Manufacturing Co., Leola, PA

Over the past 10 years I have had the opportunity to utilize your professional services with the Kolbe A™ and Kolbe B™ as I made career moves in the real estate industry and within my company.  In 2006 you helped me again with the use of Kolbe C™ as I moved back into a management position to assure the move was the right one for both my company and for me.  I encourage others to utilize your services and I continually appreciate your support and updates.

Graham Duryee, Realtor

VIP Realty Group, Naples Florida

Your training helps me work in team settings so that my interest in Follow Thru fits with others who have a desire to create and initiate new ideas.

With Kolbe training, working together brings greater effectiveness.  Keep up your outstanding training to help people use their gifts and talents most effectively.

Doug Fauble, Sr.Pastor

Hanley Christian Reformed Church, Grandville, MI

We would not, at Baird or Lakewood Family Medicine, make any “key” hires without your involvement.  Nor would we attempt to raise children without this awareness.  Kolbe analysis makes personal and professional conflicts much simpler to avoid and enhances the quality of all relationships.  “We believe that Kolbe, coupled with PSG’s expertise in using it, is the singular most powerful tool we’ve ever been given for enhancing relationships at home and at work.”

Lynn Smith, Founding Partner

iLean®. Holland MI

The Kolbe helps you better understand yourself, have a better understanding of others (Teammates), and when you put it altogether, how can you work together as a more efficient team.  It is powerful when folks better understand why someone on their team is driving them nuts!

Doug Buma, President

Integrated Fabric Resource, Holland MI

“I’m a strong believer in using Kolbe.  It has made a great impact on determining whom to hire in my department and has been very helpful in my personal position.  Using the Kobe is essential in ensuring we have the right people in the right positions in our organization to help us be as efficient and effective as possible.”

Marc Andreas, Business Leadership Program Director & Professor

Kuyper College, Grand Rapids MI

Since our session I’ve had the privilege of hiring many people and placing them on teams.  With unbalanced teams, we miss deliverables.  When we have the right team make-up, we reach our deliverables with the right price, and profit goes up!  This gives us a competitive advantage.  Give me the data to work with, a tool or mechanism to develop people and teams, and the results will be there.

Donn VanDerSchie, past VP of Engineering

Johnson Controls Interiors (Automotive Experience), Holland MI

The Kolbe System™ and PSG’s mastery of it was vital to the success of my research.  I was looking for the “missing part” of the leader assessment model– the part that offered a rational explanation of why teams of people with the requisite knowledge, skills and abilities still failed to perform well together.  I knew there had to be a dimension of the human performance I had not been considering.  Then PSG introduced the concept of a conative assessment and it became clear that this was the missing element.  I consider PSG’s help to be an invaluable asset to the research.  I genuinely look forward to continuing research on the use of the Kolbe System in leader and team development.

Frank Novakowski, Professor of Management

Davenport University, Grand Rapids, MI

I just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful Kolbe training today!  That was EXACTLY what this group needed and I feel like you accomplished so much in such a short time!  There were several “aha moments” for all of us.

Megan Sargent, Training & Inclusion Coordinator

Michigan Community Service Commission, Lansing MI

Thank you.

I am a believer…

Kolbe has been a personal blessing for me. Being affirmed for how I am wired (but not limited to) has eased my stress personally and professionally.

I have made decisions about my immediate future assured by the fact that I am living out one of my favorite mottos…Know thyself

Maggi Rivera

Holland Public Schools Board Member

The knowledge I gained through the Kolbe tool and coaching from PSG has been invaluable.  I have a strong track record of coaching, counseling and developing talent, and the application of my experience with Kolbe and “natural talent” has been key to my success.

Kristi Stepp, past Training Consultant

Volkswagen, Auburn Hills, MI

“My sons completed a Kolbe Assessment with PSG prior to starting college. We discovered each child works, learns and thrives in very different ways. The personal interpretations from PSG provided each of them with clear, but different, tools and strategies to be successful students. And as a parent, I have a better understanding of what I can do to help them develop study and work habits tailored to maximize their talents. I highly recommend the assessment for anyone entering college or the workforce.”

Nathan Bocks, Central Park Law, PLLC


PSG is like the oil of the engine—with good oil, and proper check-ups, the engine (your company) runs efficiently, effectively and avoids mistakes.

Skip Baxter, Financial Coach

Strategies, LLC., Grand Rapids MI

I have always considered myself a “team-player,” but understanding the Kolbe profiles of those I work alongside has increased my abilities as a team player. One of the greatest benefits of understanding Kolbe profiles was recognizing the natural propensity in my Kolbe style to resist the ideas of Quick Starts!  Now when I encounter new ideas from my Quick Start colleagues, I find myself taking a deep breath, and saying to myself, “Give this idea space; it will likely have great results.”  I now look at processing new ideas as an adventure rather than a distraction.

William Boersma, Minister of Congregational Care

Christ Memorial Church, Holland MI

“Chris, thank you for the excellent work that you and Mari have done with my executive staff and other County departments.”

Alan Vanderberg

Ottawa County Administrator, West Olive MI

“Thank you Mari! We all REALLY enjoyed the session yesterday. The knowledge is powerful, and it has already helped us better understand one another. Thanks again for everything! ”

Katie Scharff, Senior Manager-Marketing Operations

Oliver Healthcare Packaging

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